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Pigs Do Fly Productions presents No Fear of Flying, seven short comedies chosen to highlight vibrant, healthy people over 50 doing interesting things with their lives.  Theatre critic Bill Hirschman of Florida Theatre On Stage said:

“The strongest piece is indeed about third acts, They Called It Teasing, written by Marj O’Neill-Butler, well directed by Elena Maria Garcia, and quite well performed by the cast. At a reunion probably 30 years after high school graduation, two boorish former jocks (Todd Caster and Harry Marsh) whose best years were back then, drunkenly start to tease a quiet well-dressed successful businessman (Michael H. Small) and a lovely former clarinet player in the school band (Beverly Blanchette). It’s a classic set up for every nerd’s revenge fantasy and you can know satisfying payback is nigh, but exactly what and how is a pleasurable surprise.”
May, 2015

Full Cast from L to R:
Harry Marsh, Todd Caster, Michael H. Small and Beverly Blanchette
Donna Warfield, Carol Sussman and Elissa Solomon