My new short play PORTABLE DINERS has been selected by Four Quarter Theater for a staged reading as a part of their fall series “Transitions” on October 23rd at the Drama League in NYC.

JULIA TUTTLE – The Mother of Miami

Wonderful production of my play about Julia Tuttle at New Theatre’s Miami One-Acts directed by Madelin Marchant.  From L to R:  Nicole Mujica as Fannie Tuttle, Marj O’Neill-Butler, Marielva Sieg as Julia Tuttle, Madelin Merchant, directorIMG_4109

New Production in September

My new short play, PORTABLE DINERS, will have a production at the Gunnison Arts Center in Gunnison, Colorado in September.  The play is one of eight chosen from submissions.



Two Upcoming Productions


My short play JULIA TUTTLE – MOTHER OF MIAMI  and my monologue SHE WANTED ME  will be produced by New Theatre for their Miami New Stages Festival on September 8 through 13, 2015

Another Production!

My short play MISSED CONNECTIONS is having a six performance run in Vancouver, British Columbia from July 27 – August 1, 2015.  It is being produced by SBP Entertainments, Inc and in a production called And Now For Something Different, Yet Familiar Comedy Festival.  This make the 15th production of this short play.  Just received my royalty check too.

Reading of my play LOSING TRUST

Losing Trust

Theatre League Summer Theatre Festival Reading Series: Stages of the Sun at the Fort Lauderdale Children’s Theatre space.  Featured were Michelle Antelo, Eric Valdes and Donna Warfield and directed by me.

Nice review for my play: They Called It Teasing

Cast photo

Pigs Do Fly Productions presents No Fear of Flying, seven short comedies chosen to highlight vibrant, healthy people over 50 doing interesting things with their lives.  Theatre critic Bill Hirschman of Florida Theatre On Stage said:

“The strongest piece is indeed about third acts, They Called It Teasing, written by Marj O’Neill-Butler, well directed by Elena Maria Garcia, and quite well performed by the cast. At a reunion probably 30 years after high school graduation, two boorish former jocks (Todd Caster and Harry Marsh) whose best years were back then, drunkenly start to tease a quiet well-dressed successful businessman (Michael H. Small) and a lovely former clarinet player in the school band (Beverly Blanchette). It’s a classic set up for every nerd’s revenge fantasy and you can know satisfying payback is nigh, but exactly what and how is a pleasurable surprise.”
May, 2015

Full Cast from L to R:
Harry Marsh, Todd Caster, Michael H. Small and Beverly Blanchette
Donna Warfield, Carol Sussman and Elissa Solomon



SWAMP GIRL-Miami One-Acts


Karen Figueerdo & Shelley Miller in my short play SWAMP GIRL directed by Chachi Colon and presented by New Theatre as a part of their Miami Winter One-Acts.


It’s A Question of Money



My 10 minute play IT’S A QUESTION OF MONEY is currently running at MicroTheater Miami on Wednesday and Thursday evenings through December 18th.  Several shows a night.  $5.00 a ticket.  1490 Biscayne Blvd., Miami. The play features Ruben Fonseca and Alexander Matar with Desiree Mora as Stage Manager.


Ashley and Jessica

My 10 minute play SWAMP GIRL was read as a part of City Theatre’s Short Play Festival as a part of the Miami Book Fair in the Swamp Tent.

Pictured are Ashley Chang and Jessica Brooke Sanford as Desiree and Mariel.

Nice review for my play FLIGHT FRIGHT in Florida Theater On Stage

Nice review for my play FLIGHT FRIGHT in Florida Theater On Stage

Janet Weakley, Carol Sussman and Kitt Marsh in FLIGHT FRIGHT

Janet Weakley, Carol Sussman and Kitt Marsh in FLIGHT FRIGHT

Fifty Plus – A Celebration of Life As We Know It:

O’Neill-Butler’s short-play expertise showed through in Flight Fright about a woman who is afraid to fly and the two friends who come up with a way to get their anxiety ridden friend over her fear after a family crisis forces her to find a quick way from Miami to Denver. O’Neill-Butler is able to develop characters quickly in the evening’s peppy opener, which isn’t an easy task in the 10-minute play form.



’10×10 (2013)’ at Fells Point Corner Theatre by Amanda Gunther

The third annual 10-minute play festival is up and running for the spring season at the Fells Point Corner Theatre. With half the plays being from area playwrights this offering of 10-10 minute plays is a wonderful chance for aspiring playwrights to showcase new work. Along the lines of a theatrical box of chocolates, because you have no idea what you’re about to get, the festival offers nine different directors taking on ten unique and hopeful new works – with a team of ten actors that rotate in and out to create one exciting experience for the evening. Executive Producer and Coordinator Mark Steckbeck corrals a talented group of performers and directors into one really great evening for everyone involved in the theatre.

Missed Connections? Written by Marj O’Neill-Butler of Miami, Florida and directed by Kristan Lewman this production is thoroughly enjoyable. Well crafted by O’Neill-Butler, the story is a fast-paced satirical and comedic approach to the notion of Craigslist’s “missed connections” column. This dialogue between Rosie (Kate Shoemaker) and Bob (Andrew Porter) is extremely clever, well crafted and each character is well defined with a distinctive tone. The play is hysterically accurate when it comes to this modern element of dating and gives both Shoemaker and Porter a chance to really develop characters in the scene. There are even moments of deep sub-textual understanding conveyed in the glances and reactions to one another; a brilliant example of the gems that can arise from such a festival.

Missed Connections was voted Third Place as an Audience Favorite.

Reading of “My Silver Mirror”

Piney Forks Press Theater!blue_banner

My monologue My Silver Mirror is being read at the Lincoln Center Public Library in New York City on June 8, 2013 at 1:00 PM.  This reading of monologues is produced by the Piney Forks Press Theater Festival June 2013.